Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Advent activities come to a close on a high note! Days 19 through 24

Advent day 19
Buy Christmas pajamas

Every year I buy a new pair of pajama pants to wear on Christmas eve and usually through the balance of Christmas day. This year I went on the prowl with my mother. We went to Paws n' Claws (this is a thrift store which gives a portion of the proceeds to Humane Society). We found a variety of sleepwear, but nothing I could display for Christmas. Far from disheartened we drove to Spanky's and walked to the back of the store where all the great deals are. My mom saw these beautiful, soft, snowflake speckled pajama pants. I was in love! 

Advent day 20
Look at Christmas lights in pajamas

I had a lonely evening today, so I indulged in eating chocolate candy. This wasn't a good choice and I started to feel worse. I decided I wanted to feel better, so I grabbed my Indigo Girls Christmas CD, slipped into my super soft pajamas, and jumped in my car to see the splendor of the neighborhood. My mood lifted with each song that played and every charming display I passed. I thought to myself that Christmas lights are like snow. All houses are gaudy with Christmas lights and snow makes every home beautiful.

Advent day 21
Look at the Christmas Ships

The Columbia river has a Christmas ship parade every year. I have never seen it live, and so I decided this year would be different. I checked out the schedule and made plans to go. Unfortunately I still was not feeling very good, but I'm a problem solver, so I pulled up a video from YouTube and ate some popcorn and watched the fun roll by from the warmth and comfort of my home office.

Advent day 22
Go on a scavenger hunt for kindness

I don't usually leave the house the last few days before Christmas (thank heavens I work from home!) so I can avoid the last-minute gift and grocery getters. The chaos and cramped roads give me a touch of anxiety so I leave them alone. This year I wanted to dispel my attitude and ventured out on to Fred Meyer to pick up some cat litter. The roads weren't too bad and I found good parking. As I walked across the parking lot friendly drivers waited as I crossed, inside people had on festive hats and smiles. I mentioned to one man wearing a Santa hat that I liked it, then my eyes fell on the Grinch shirt he was wearing. He didn't break character as he passed by without comment. I paid for the litter with a coupon that allowed me to get a free box. The cashier wearing a silly hat scanned the coupon and mentioned that I would still need to pay tax. I wasn't troubled because sixty-three cents is cheap for a box of cat litter. On the way out I saw a family ringing a Salvation Army bell and calling merry greetings to all who passed. I drove around a bit more and saw how friendly and patient everyone was with each other. It warmed my heart.

Advent day 23
Write a list of New Year's goals

I don't usually write New Year's goals, instead I just profess I want to be more like myself every year. This year I thought deeply about it and found a few goals I want to achieve:

1.  Make no plans

2.  Be kind

3.  Be generous

4.  Try something new

5.  Ask myself constantly, what is my purpose/end goal?

Advent day 24
Christmas Dance Party

I had an online dance party and invited all my facebook friends to dance along. At the end of the party I announced that they were part of the last day of advent activities. It has been a wonderful month of giving and receiving! I hope you had a wonderful month too!

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