Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year no one died from Mayan calendars, 2013!

I've had a really fun year, so I wanted to share some of the highlights with you!

January 2013

-I updated the covers of my books and they look amazing!

First Snow
Spring Argyle

February 2013

-I mixed my fist I.V. solution solo.
-I started studying for my motorcycle endorsement.

March 2013
-I went to the theater and saw the play Proof.
-I saw Chris Titus perform at the Helium Comedy Club.

April 2013
-Jury duty but my group stayed in the holding room ALL DAY LONG! (The defendant eventually made a plea bargain.)
-I started making friends on Facebook with local comedians.
-I discovered Tiger Lily Restaurant with my sister.

May 2013
-I went to my first live performance of Rock Horror Picture Show.
-I started performing live comedy at Tiger Lily under the stage name Lizzie.
-I made a "Find the Toenail" cake for my co-workers.
-I bought a Discovery Pass which I never used.
-I saw Patton Oswalt at Helium Comedy Club.
-I passed my written motorcycle endorsement test with the score 100%.
-I watched The Fast and the Furious 6 and LOVED it!

June 2013

-I earned my motorcycle endorsement!
-I went with my family to watch all the antique cars Cruise the Gut.
-Karaoke baby at Tiger Lily!

July 2013

-I joined the neighborhood Fourth of July parade.
-I celebrated my 35th birthday by bungee jumping off a bridge.
-I started harvesting fruit from my garden.
-I saw the moon and Saturn through the telescope my brother-in-law built.
-I finished writing my book Cinnamon Summer.
-I went to The Indigo Girls concert at the zoo.

August 2013

-I published my new book Cinnamon Summer.
-I tandem skydived for the first time. You can read about the experience here.
-I went to the beach and lost my favorite pen in the ocean only to find it later on a wave!
-I started crocheting blankets for Project Linus.
-I began to study A Course in Miracles.
Cinnamon Summer
September 2013

-I drove the kit car my dad, myself and my brothers helped build over fifteen years ago.
-I started to learn how to crochet hats. My niece and I made hats to donate to God's Closet before she left for boot camp.
-My Book Cinnamon Summer hit the top 10 in romance on Amazon.

October 2013

-I crocheted my first pair of gloves.
-The Website I work for won the award for being the best source for new authors.
-My siblings and I went to a few haunted houses.
-I had a family Halloween party coupled with a farewell party for my niece who went into boot camp. We filled a tote and a crate with donations in her honor and donated them to God's Closet.
-I sold my first crochet hat
-I started doing random acts of kindness
November 2013

-I joined Info Barrel and started writing articles for moo-la!
-I volunteered at God's Closet to help separate all the donations for their quarterly event.
-I made a Christmas tree crochet hat. It took three days to complete!
-I started building on my ugly sweater for the family party.
-More comedy!
-A dear friend gave me lots of yarn.
-Thanksgiving was fun, with lots of food and laughter.
-I volunteered with my niece (I have three nieces) at the Clark County Food Bank. We folded bags for the Walk n' Knock.
-I went with my family to enjoy the tree lighting in Downtown Vancouver.
-I went with my sister's family on a search for Christmas CDs. We found them and then we went to dinner and then desert!

December 2013

-I created a wonderful advent calendar of events for giving and receiving which you may read about here.
-My sister and I watched the graduating class of comedians at Kiggins.
-I made crochet cat hats. My cats were unimpressed! 

-I watched a live performance of A Christmas Carol at Kiggins.
-I was the recipient of The Twelve Days of Christmas from my family: 12 kitty litters, 11 bags of cat food, 10 flavors of tea, 9 fluffy Kleenex, 8 pairs of hair care, 7 smelly bubbles, 6 suds for dishes, 5 tushy toilet papers, 4 clothing soaps, 3 cat toys, 2 clothes softeners, 1 a couple of shopping sprees! It was amazing and made December a month to remember forever!
-I made five hats for Crochet Geek's cause.
-I took second place in the Info Barrel contest!

Thank goodness for Facebook, or I would have forgotten most of the amazing things and people I experienced this year. I'm so excited for 2014!

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  1. I love your list, your zest for trying new things, how you make the most of life--very cool!