Friday, December 13, 2013

Jump on the Advent train days 6 through 12

I have faithfully added seven more days of giving and receiving to my December advent calendar. If you want to see what I did the first five days click here.

Advent day 6 
Be a secret santa

This was the first day it snowed in Vancouver, so I decided to shovel the walkway and driveway for my sister and her family. I bundled up in boots, winter coat, a hat with ear flaps, and gloves. I gathered the tools I needed, a shovel and a bag of deicer and crossed the street to my sisters house. The wind was blowing bitterly and my neighbor kept whizzing back and forth on his four-wheeler. After I cleared the path I dusted  the ground deicer to melt any potential flurries of snow. I have a key to her house so I made sure the fire was fully stocked and burning so they would come home to a warm house. It was so fun!

Advent day 7
Attend the symphony

I follow the event page on "Things to do in Vancouver WA" and there was a free symphony advertised at a local Methodist church. My sister and her family agreed to come along. What a surprise! It was a choir concert instead of a symphony! The director was charming and engaging and the choir was very good. One of the talents of the choir director has is writing parodies of Christmas music. My favorite was Merry Gentleman ( a parody of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen). The next surprise was when the choir was accompanied by instruments other than the piano. It wasn't the symphony I was expecting, but it was certainly fun!

Advent day 8
Attend a school play or concert

My brother-in-law invited me to join his family in going to the Alpenrose Dairyville. I gladly agreed and we were treated to the play, "The Littlest Reindeer." It was adorable! There were songs, dancing, and fun costumes. I woke up the next few days with the songs replaying in my head, but it was still worth it. After the play we walked around dairyville and saw toy trains, gift shops, and a halfway frozen pond. We marveled at the ducks swimming in the water or sleeping on the ice. A flock of geese landed on the ice and woke the sleeping ducks. It was a cacophony of greetings and grumblings.

Advent day 9
Make Origami ornaments

I have loved Origami since I was in grade school and read the story Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. I decided to make a crane and then try to make an ornament which I had never before tried. I found a shooting star. I followed the instructions exactly and my first star turned out perfectly!

 Advent day 10
Write a Christmas song parody

This was on my advent calendar long before I went to the choir concert. I have been writing Christmas song parodies since 2004. Usually they centered on the frustration I had with pharmacy customers, but now they're just playful. I was rather inspired and wrote seven songs instead of one, but I'm sure you will appreciate the effort.

1. I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas
(I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas)

I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas, I’m using all my winter clothes.
My yard has been christened with frozen sea that glistens of cold, bitter flakes of snow.
I’m dreaming of a warm Christmas with every log that’s burning bright.
Hope the fire keeps me warm all night so my floor will be warm at morning light.

2. Silent But Not
(Silent Night)

Silent but not, silent but not.
You got caught, the door was locked.
Sneaking in is a delicate trade.
Your technique could use an upgrade.
Next time remember your key, please.
Then maybe I’ll get some sleep.

3. Flawed Dress of Cherry Cinnamon 
(God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)

Flawed dress of cherry cinnamon you let me once more.
Dark colors should be slimming but my waist is not size four.
I had ignored the facts of yore, but mirrors don’t lie.
Sweat suits are better for these thighs, mirrors don’t lie.
If I wore this dress my date would simply die.
4. Away With My Anger
(Away In a Manger)

Away with my anger, 
my premise was flawed.
I blamed the destruction of the tree on the dog.
I didn’t look closely at my cats’ smug face.
I still have to clean up despite my disgrace.

5. The First Man Fell
(The First Noel)

The first man fell on my sidewalk last night.
The snow from the day had turned to ice.
By the way he brayed I knew he was fine.
He got up and walked more slowly this time

He fell, he fell, he fell, he fell.
He was not hurt so all is well.

6. I Saw Three Dips
(I Saw Three Ships)
I saw three dips the shade of clay
on plates and trays 
on the table displayed.
I saw three dips the hostess made 
that I’ll regret in the morning.

7. Jingle Sales
(Jingle Bells)

Dashing through the ads 
for the latest fad,
O’er the budget we go 
faces all aglow.
Snow tires on the car 
straight to the next bazaar
What fun it is to buy and spend
just like a movie star?

Oh, jingle sales
jingle sales

Spending’s so much fun.
Add tree to your list 
which never will be done.

Jingle sales
Jingle sales

Pick the perfect gift.
If you can’t just relax
and buy some chocolate bliss.

Advent day 11
Make paper snowflakes

The paper snowflake is my preference to the real one. My niece and I spent the day together because school was cancelled and I work from home. We spent the morning clipping flakes using coffee filters. It was a blast! (The flakes I made are next to the song parodies.)

Advent day 12
Decorate a Christmas tree

I was able to decorate two trees this year. I don't put up a tree on account of having cats who would destroy it. My niece and I put up and decorated their family tree and then the following day my mother asked if I would help her set up and decorate her tree. It was really fun both times, and I was treated to a fun Christmas movie after each tree was complete, Elf with my niece and Christmas With the Kranks with my mother. I'm think of going pro with tree decorating!

Stay tuned for more fun events of giving and receiving!

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