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James P. Wilcox's review of Eternal Beginning 5 stars!
Eternal Beginning is an uplifting, spiritual tale of one woman's search for meaning in her life. While trying to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this woman finds herself confronted by what can only be described as her "guardian angel" who offers her advice on live, love, peace, and contentment. I found Eternal Beginning both refreshing and uplifting as it shed light on an otherwise dark day. This is an ideal read for anyone who feels the stress and frustration of everyday life. I read Eternal Beginning in one sitting and felt inspired at the end.

Paula's review of Eternal Beginning 4 stars

What a unique book that really can set you back on track if you loose your way.  Definitely a great uplifting book for those of us always on the go and forgetting the simple things, how to begin again.  I enjoyed the story and being reminded to listen to my guide, and allowing myself to open up to other things.

Sara Hardy review of Eternal Beginning 4 stars
This little gem of a book is brief but full of profound ideas. Reminds me a little of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." plus the author is a new friend of mine. Great job Christine!

skybluepink's review of Eternal Beginning
This book is a quick read. I read it in about an hour or so. Although I don't personally believe in Spirit Guides, this is a great book for those that do. It reinforces that you should stop and accept the gifts your guide gives you. You may not always know the path to take at the time but just stop and listen to guide and let them help you.
This is a very talented author. She was able to describe her story in a way that you could actually picture it in your mind. The story also flowed beautifully. I read it in one sitting.

Riturajverma's review of Eternal Beginning 5 stars

Christine Cunningham's book is a must for all those who believe that the world acts against them. It makes them realize that their own misconceptions about what they truly want push away goodness. The book is very concise and it stops at a point where the life message starts. Yet, the writing is subtle, and needs to be re-read a couple of times to truly absorb its simple message.

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Callmebookish's review of 30-day Guide to Apply Eternal Beginning 4 stars
I'm a positive person by nature, but I always believe that there is room for improvement. Consequently, it's not surprising that I jumped at the opportunity to review 30 Day Guide to Apply Eternal Beginning by Christine Cunningham. To be honest, I didn't know how I would feel about it, because I hadn't read Eternal Beginning. While I might have appreciated this guide book more if I had read it, I still had no problem following along.

I really liked how simple this book was, even the design is serene. Each day is marked by a quote from Eternal Beginning, a motivational blurb, and an action, which is where the sweet spot is. Although some actions are on the more simple side ("write down three things that you want"), others were surprisingly thought-provoking and even somewhat difficult.

For example, "Write down an individual who has what you want in your life. Find a proper way to ask them how they achieved that goal." That one sent me into a tizzy. Ultimately, I asked someone whose cooking skills I admire how to make a recipe. Maybe I could have gone a little bit deeper with this action, but learning how to make that recipe did change my life for the better!

To be honest, I think that books like 30 Day Guide to Apply Eternal Beginning are only as good as the effort that you put into them. Reading a feel-good blurb isn't going to anything for you unless you take the time to THINK and APPLY what you've read. I'm also a big proponent of writing things down; there's something about the act of writing that makes things feel real. Writing down a positive action each day, in my opinion, does have the power to bring forth transformative change.

Final word: I had a good time waking up to this book and jotting down the quick and, in some cases, not-so-quick exercises. Anything that invokes positive change and awareness is good for the soul, right? I say go for it, give 30 Day Guide to Apply Eternal Beginning a try! I think there's something to be said about starting and concluding your day with self-reflection.

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Sarahreads review of First Snow 4 stars
This is a sweet, fast-paced romance (read it in one night) that is set in a quaint, small town during Christmas. Family is a strong theme throughout the story. If you are looking for a shorter romance (about a 16k word novella) to help you get into the Christmas spirit, look no further!

Kari Boardman's review of First Snow 4 stars
First Snow is a well written sweet story about love and family. While I really liked the story, I wish it was longer. I would have liked to see more of the relationship between Hasan and Nell. I loved their HEA. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Cunningham.

T. Dunlap's review of First Snow 4 stars
Novellas are the type of story that will either really capture my interest or will bore me because of the lack of good character development. "First Snow" won me from the get-go. It handed me characters that I both enjoyed and felt a connection to. Penelope (Nell) was a woman that felt real and true to life with an honest desire and fear. Hasan, Nell's friend, was not as connectable for me - at least not in the beginning, but by the end, I was adoring him.

This story is based around the Christmas holiday, but could be an anytime read. It is sweet, clean, and had a nice cozy quality that I thoroughly enjoyed. With this being the first volume in the series, I'll be anxiously awaiting the next as I really want to find out what the next chapter in Nell's life holds!

Maria Snell's review of First Snow 4 stars
First Snow is Christine Cunningham's first published work and the first book in the Willow Reed Series. It is a beautiful short story - that I wish was much, much, much longer because I did not want to let it go, I did not want it to finish. Christine introduces us to the town of Willow Reed, a quaint small town with tons of charm, where Nell and Hasan live. Nell's sister is up for a visit from college and she tries to get Nell into the dating-spirit, attempting to show her that dating is not that bad, after all. But Nell pines - and falls - for Hasan. Will she be able to get past his barriers and find love?

I honestly can not wait to read more about Willow Reed and its residents, as well as about Nell and Hassan's life. The town is beautifully described, making us want to visit and stay a while; the characters are endearing in their quirks and very well developed. I hope Christine is planning on giving us a long, long, long book for the second installment of the Willow Reed series - because the town and its residents are worth getting to know. First Snow is the perfect short story to read in one sitting, curled on the couch under a warm fuzzy blanket. Enjoy!


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Diane Rapp's review of Spring Argyle 5 stars
The title "Spring Argyle" made me think of pleasant pastel colors arranged in a tilted checkerboard fashion on a sweater vest, homey and safe. I wasn't far off the mark. The novella follows Jacob, the owner of a small town bookstore, who yearns for the perfect woman to love. Will a sexy heroine from one of his favorite books walk into his bookstore, or will the best friend he meets weekly for an "undate" finally smile in that special way? Jacob is ready but will he find her?

Willow Reed is a comfortable small town, where everyone knows each other and gossip spreads faster than ads in the paper. Jacob bought the local bookstore (using his inheritance) to enjoy a quiet life, but he appreciates the old owner coming back every day for a "visit." It makes the change of ownership more acceptable to customers. The bakery is a community hot spot and people feel like family by the end of the book. Readers meander through the story, like eavesdroppers gazing into storefront windows, and we're eager to know what happens to the charming characters. Take a coffee break in Willow Reed and soak up the atmosphere.

Robert Zimmerman's review of Spring Argyle 4 stars
I really enjoyed this story. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it as much as I did at first because it's the second book in a series. I received a copy of Spring Argyle 'from WLC (World Literary Cafe) for review and overlooked the "series" aspect of this book. Although it is number two in the Willow Reed series, this didn't seem to affect my level of comprehension for the story. If I didn't look into the book a bit more like I had, I don't think I would have noticed that there was more outside of this work. I think that's the type of series it is; a series of stand-alone novellas with the town of Willow Reed being a common bond.

What I especially enjoyed about this was its brevity. I read this book in about two sittings. It was short and fast paced, but worth taking the time to read. I think it'd be great for a sunny summer afternoon. The style wasn't taxing at all on the mind. It was very simple and easy to follow along with. I think it would have worked out well as a more lengthy work with more depth given to the characters and more description of the town itself, but this was necessary. Sometimes reading something that touches lightly on the story at hand makes for a more lighthearted story.

As always, I like to touch on anything negative I found. There wasn't much to mention. The only thing I had an issue with (a very small issue) was the editing of the book. In the version I read, there were a few sentences here and there that were missing a word or two. I was able to insert the correct word while reading so it didn't get in the way. A quick read through could fix these errors though and I think the story would be much more polished. With this said, I don't know if the copy I have is the finished one. For others who have read this and didn't see any need for another proofread, feel free to let me know here so future readers will know not to worry about the need of corrections.

To sum this all up: there were enjoyable characters, interesting relationships between them, and an all-round enjoyable read. It might not have been the most in-depth love story I've read, but sometimes I would rather a fun lighthearted tale over a 300 page story that has more room to drag on unnecessarily.


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Slyvia Stein's review of Five Fables 5 stars
I really enjoyed this book by Christine Cunningham, wow, what a brilliant writer. This book within these fabulous and very detailed fables- brought it all to life. Not since Wicked by Gregory Macguire, had I encountered such enchanting characters! Way to go Christine!

Barbara C. Guarino of Five Fables 5 stars
It's not often that I read short stories these days, but I needed a break from the long list of rather serious novels I've been reading. So, I took a stay from them and pushed my nose into the Five Fables short stories book. I have to say that I enjoyed Christine Cunningham's book the same way that I enjoy a platter at a buffet. There was a little of everything delicious set before me to devour in this book, and I loved what it did for my palate. It's well written and a smooth read. Even more so than just that though, (as if that weren't fun enough) I found it extraordinary that each story was given from such unique perspectives and each one as unexpected as the last. I am the one who always sees the end of the movie coming- about five minutes into the film, so I loved the intrigue of waiting... not knowing what was coming next. This book achieved this for me. Whether through her whimsical characters perspectives in most of these stories which brought a smile to my face, or through that one character whose story left me with chills crawling up my arms; these characters were seen from different viewpoints that you normally wouldn't consider. I found it fascinating and a great read. It was refreshing to step into the shoes of these characters. They are definitely not your usual suspects. I would recommend this book to any reader who wants to be pulled from reality for a quick read. This is a perfect gift book.

AManemann's review of Five Fables 4 stars
Christine Cunningham kept me entertained with her book, Five Fables, which featured five very different stories that easily captured and held my attention. This book read quite quickly and easily, and was a nice break from the lengthy novels I typically read. A recommended read.

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