Saturday, April 20, 2013

What did you teach me?

I adore my family, that is when we're not at each other's throats! Even when we are, there is so much I've learned from each one of them.

From my Mother, I learned:

Talk to strangers:

I used to hate grocery trips to the store with my mom. Inevitably, we would run into someone she knew or someone who looked interesting, and the next thirty minutes to an hour would be lost to the Time Gods. I totally understand the drive now and thank her for teaching me to give people we know and don't the most precious thing we have, our time.

What I learned from my Father:

Education and intelligence aren't the same thing:

My father has no degree and happens to be one of the smartest men I know. His skilled hands have built bunk beds, fixed cars numerous times, created gardens, and reaches ever outward for more skills to master. He always had a book in his hand while I was growing up. Piles of careworn books and magazines litter his home leaving ample evidence of his continuous self-education. I have taken that idea and run with it, especially with the Internet at my fingertips.

What can a Sibling teach?

You are part of the tribe, but travel your own path:

I have FIVE sisters and TWO brothers! Yes, that's a lot of sibling rivalry. I didn't always like being from a big family, but as time has passed I have grown to love it. My truest and best friendships are with my siblings. We joke about being the same person, but split into separate bodies. This is and isn't true depending on the subject. We can jive one second and someone brings up politics or religion and all bets are off. One guarantee is someone will storm off,  and someone will end up apologizing....later.

Luckily, there's always more to learn. What have you learned?


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