Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm edgy and I know it....I thought

I went to a Burlesque show last night with my sister. Man, I thought I was edgy getting a leather jacket and a  motorcycle, but those women/men are FEARLESS! They sing, and dance in 6 inch heels in precious little more than their b-day suits. Now I know what you're thinking, "How trashy and deviant from social norms." Okay, you might not be thinking that, but that's how I used to think. "It's just a bunch of folks who want to strip in a slightly classier environment." Wrong. After watching the show, I realized it's about acknowledging your sexuality and its power. There's such vulnerability on a stage, and to throw cation and opinion to the wind takes some major fortitude! 

I have certainly changed my opinion and look forward to the next variety show. Oh and one major thing I learned? I'm a lot further from the edge than I thought, keep pushing the envelope!


  1. I love those shows - they are usually very well done. Isn't it just when you think you're edgy that you go somewhere and find out you're not as 'out there' as you thought. Lol

  2. Seriously, but then I get the opportunity to grow :)

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