Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trees, fleas, and me

This week is all about prevention in my life. I just added a furry little critter to my family this week. His name is Jacimo and he's a stray kitten I rescued. He just got his shots and was neutered on Saturday. No little Jacimo's running about in the streets for me. It got me thinking what else can I prevent now to make life better for me in the future? 

1. Dial in my yard. -I need to prune trees, rose bushes, and give the weeds in my yard a final tugging. 

2. Create a way to be more active and keep healthy during the illness prone months. 

3. Seal and weatherproof my house/car

How do you stay in shape inside without joining a gym? How are you taking precautions to make your future a better place to be?