Sunday, September 9, 2012

I've got big Brains and I cannot lie!

I just ran into a great show on Netflix called Alphas. It's about a string of people who have altered abilities or enhanced abilities is more like it. The next wave in human evolution. It got me to thinking what ability I would love to enhance. I think I'd love to be a giant brain!

Okay, so I'm a giant NERD, but I gladly adopt the title for the privilege of having endless data constantly. Yes the internet is handy but I would love to just tap into that information sans a machine or any interface. So what would you enhance? Why? Would you use your power for good?


  1. A wonderful brain would be great but I think I'd enhance my heart.

    So in that spirit, I have nominated this blog post with a One Lovely Blog Award:

  2. Thank you Lynn! I love your proposal for a bigger heart! :)