Friday, September 14, 2012

Will we live or die?

Author Name: Stacy Eaton
Twitter: @StacySEaton
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Book Blurb:
“It sounded so simple in theory; ready... aim... fire... but what actually transpired was so much more.”

Officer Nicole Nolan holds the gun steady in her hands, knowing that life will be forever altered once she pulls the trigger. Her position as a small town police officer is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It is her job, her career and her life.
Amanda stands where protection does not exist. With several failed relationships behind her, Amanda turns a blind eye to the possessiveness Josh displays in order to sooth her desperate need to be loved. As the mental abuse turns violent, Amanda must deal with the denial and embarrassment of being a victim once again. With her emotional and physical health siting on the edge, she must fight to regain control of her life.
A gripping story with one final destination, but will it be life or death?

1       What topic have you chosen to write about?
Domestic Violence; a subject that tends to be taboo but needs to be talked about. “Whether I’ll Live or Die” is about the life of Amanda, a young woman who finds herself moving through several years dealing with one domestic violence issue after another and unable to find a way out.  You will also meet Nicole, a police officer, who deals with the legal ramifications of domestic violence in her job.

2       What inspired you to choose that topic?
I am not sure exactly what inspired me to write it. The thought for the story came to mind and it processed quickly from a thought to a plot. Within thirty minutes of the idea being born, I knew the plotline and already had the title. 

Domestic Violence is a subject that few wish to talk about, but should be discussed every day.  People you could never imagine are victims live their lives in fear of what will happen when the doors close on their homes. The thoughts that “this is all my fault” and “I deserve what happened” are common to victims of DV.

I want people to talk about it – I want them to come forward and not be silenced by fear or intimidation.

3        Do your life experiences influence your writing?
Of course! Everything I do and see influences my life and my writing.  In my job as a police officer, I help people in the worst of times. I see people when they are at their lowest possible moments and that alone influences me, because I see their soul.

I hold onto the feelings and emotions and use them to help build stories, especially this one. The emotions of WILoD are intense and powerful because that is what life is about – Intense and powerful.
4        When do you know it’s time to end a story?
I write a little different than some authors.  When I come up with a storyline, I build the characters in my mind. I know where I want the storyline to run and about a quarter of the way through, I go write the last few chapters so I know how the story will end. Then I have a point “A” and a point “B”, and I just have to fill in the area between. 

WILoD was almost born by the ending. In a thirty minute period of coming up with the plotline, I knew the beginning and the ending immediately. It was all the stuff in the middle that took time to compose and make sure it lead from that point “A” to point “B”.

             Is there a hidden message in your books you want your readers to find/grasp?
Yes. That you can get out. You can find freedom and you can live a life without fear. Victims are not the cause of abuse… they are victims. They need to know it is not their fault, although they are conditioned to believe they are. They can find help, they can slowly heal and then they can help others.

6       Do you prefer to write books in a series or stand-alone novels? Why?
To be honest, I’m not sure. Series are creatures that just keep going. The creative process never stops until you give it a final ending.  Stand-alone novels are a different animal all together as everything is within that cover. 

Right now I have two books from the My Blood Runs Blue series published and have two more to publish to complete the series. I have another novel that I am working on that could very easily become a series, and I am thinking on that. I have a stand-alone contemporary romance novel that I would like to finish, it’s about half way done already, but sitting on that proverbial back burner.  I have a few other thoughts on single novels, and also a few other series ideas. Ask me again in a year or two! Lol…

7        Do you think you will ever run out of writing material? Why/why not?
HA!  I doubt that. My mind goes a thousand miles a minute. Everything I do or see in life is just another idea for a story.  It’s all about how your tie those stories in that make them different than the ones that are out there already.  I love writing… love feeling the characters… love bringing them to life and living through them. I can’t see myself stopping.

Stacy Eaton