Monday, April 30, 2012

Coming of age

Questions In The Silence by Karen Glick

This story is about the coming of age of Ari. The story begins with Ari studying for her Bat Mitzvah with Evan. She finds intellectual fulfillment in the study and later finds romantic fulfillment with Evan. The story ebbs and flows with Ari’s experience with the paranormal as well as her inner conflict with wanting to be accepted for herself and her conflict with religion.

I could relate to the way Ari questioned her place as a woman within the patriarchal scene of religion. Her questions were never really answered and in the end, she has to choose the life of a selfless (in the eyes of her religion) or to pursue a self-promoting life.

I really enjoyed the ideas put forth in this book. Unfortunately, the story was told in a very choppy manner and switched character perspective numerous times within a single chapter. The formatting left something to be desired as well. I wish the story would have been more emotionally compelling. The author seemed to play it as safe as the character. I did appreciate the nod towards Jewish tradition and feel I learned some new information.

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