Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fountain of youth

Easy Natural Facelift by Alison Heath

For many, the beginning of a new year means several things. Time to renew subscriptions, taxes, and for millions of people it means finally taking a closer look at their health. I had the opportunity to read the final installment in the Easy Natural Face lift series. This book takes the reader through a list of health promoting, cleansing rituals and recipes.

I have juiced, removed meat from my diet, replaced meals with "green drinks," and eaten raw (This means no cooked food or dehydrated food that has been exposed to heat over 120°) to improve my health. The information in ENF really jived with my view on the importance of what we put in our bodies shows on our faces.

I enjoyed the recipes and the lovely, vibrant photos. It was a reminder why I should carefully consider my food/vitamin choices. The decisions I make now will reflect on my enjoyment of life later. I only wish the author would have included before and after pictures of herself or others who have changed their eating and vitamin habits.

Although this isn't new information to me I would highly recommend this book for those that want an easy beginning point to improve health and increase energy.

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Alison Heath

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