Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flying with Eagles

Illustrated by Laura Leikona

Imagine the smoky air as you pull your blanket around you and huddle closer to the fire. Quiet whispers and nervous giggles punctuate the night air. In a dramatic flourish, your grandfather stands with shadows dancing across his face to tell you a story.

This book is about how we have the responsibility to make sure we are conscientious with our environment. The story centers on Naa’ki and his adventures after being carried off by giant Mother Eagle. After striking a bargain not to become eaglet food Naa’ki discovers that his needs aren’t the only needs that are important.

I loved how the animal characters interacted with Naa’ki. They saw the big picture and were willing to teach him so the future generations of humans and animals could coexist. I wish the story was a little longer and that the emotions of the author would have been put more strongly.

This is an excellent book to introduce children to their responsibilities as stewards of the environment. It is also a soft reminder to adults to look beyond the pressing needs of their own family and remember the plight of others.

Ben Woodard

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