Thursday, January 5, 2012

Play with the end game in mind!

What a remarkable book! The strategies and barometers were right in line with my way of thinking. Christos takes us on a journey of his life as a single parent of his daughter, Persephone. There’s a distinct taste of “play the game with the end goal in mind.” This is not a foreign concept in business, but it can be in the setting of a family.

I felt really connected to the author as he laid the groundwork for the success of his family not only financially but, emotionally. Repeatedly he chose to see how he could improve as a person and parent. He chose to have a very open relationship with his daughter and was richly rewarded for his effort, absolute trust.

I loved CDO and read it in one stretch. I know I will read it again when the time comes for me to pursue my own family. I wonder if the author would consider writing a relationship book next.

I would highly recommend this book to parents who are struggling with the direction of their family. Soon-to-be-parents who want to prepare as best they can to have a close-knit and successful family would benefit as well. Prepare instead of react is clearly the well said message of this book.
Christos Efessiou

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