Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The noble Gerald G. Griffin chills us with a tale

Gerald G Griffin

Will you share a little about Of Good and Evil with us?
Of Good And Evil is a spellbinding suspense thriller of nobility and humanity in the battle of spirit versus tyranny questioning rote notions of good and evil, from perspectives personal to geopolitical. A page-turner story of harrowing action with vivid and vibrant characters, it spits out fire like a Gatling gun. Crisp, clean and clear, the novel is a hard-charging tale of a gifted Green Beret, Ron Sheffield, discharged from the army for going "crazy," and from there the fireworks begin. Falling in love, initiating an unusual romance,  Ron and his gifted beloved, Amber Ash, are pushed into spine-tingling, gripping ventures, among them: being sought out for death by an unsavory government cell because of secret documents Ron possesses from his time in service; battles with the Mafia and terrorists; conflicts with a secret society, with powers beyond the imagination, holding the key to their survival; discovering plans of the 9/11 terrorist attacks beforehand, but their warnings ignored, resulting in chaos; Ron having no choice but to become a special hit man for the Mafia to save his sanity; and Ron facing an impossible confrontation with a covert Khalid Sheikh Mohammed terrorist cell at the moment it is about to bring off the nuclear obliteration of a major American city. The reader is engrossed in humanity, villains, hate, love, friendship and sorrow, all intermixed in one enticing conflict keeping the reader on edge.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
When I wrote my first book, Sir Griffin And The Fair Princess Velva, in the 9th grade.

What are your current projects?
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Putting the final touches to the sequel, A Time Of Reckoning, another jarring, action-packed suspense thriller where secret cells of Al Qaeda terrorists in the U.S. are bent on annihilating 24 American cities simultaneously in suicide missions, pursuing a plan impossible to stop.

Is there anything you consider rather challenging in your writing?
Distractions to my tempo and dealing with the isolation required.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Love, family and friendship triumph, and thanks to our military.  Aside from that, America is in ever increasing danger, both from within and from abroad, with little help from our elected leaders, and will only be saved by aroused citizens vigilant and valiant.

How do you prepare to write?
For me, there is no magical formula or ritual to get ready to write; nor do I consider I do anything that special. I simply wake up (a vital step), set my mind to it, pour a cup of coffee ( with an occasional cigarette), and, with discipline and passion, turning my imagination loose, get on with it.

Who are your characters based on?
Vaguely, in some instances, combining various traits from people I know or know of --- when not actually using real people, but mostly they're based upon the creative process of my imagination, tempered by what the story needs or demands.


What time of the day do you feel most inspired to write?
When I feel most rested and my mind alert, varying from late morning to early evening.

What books have influenced your life the most?
Really, there are too many to list. They change with my own personal evolution, and it depends upon what time of my life you are speaking of. But Winds Of War and War And Remembrance would be near the top.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Yes, Never lose your passion, dedication and discipline for writing. They are what will carry you through. Without them you are lost as a writer.

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