Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can you hear L.B. Clark Call Out?

L.B. Clark
Will you share a little about Call Out with us?  
Call Out is the first full novel in my Jukebox Heroes series. It’s a paranormal suspense romance kind of thing. The paranormal/fantasy element is metaphysics – magic and extrasensory powers. No vampires or werewolves or anything of that nature. 

Halfway through writing it, my first reader told me she wanted to know more about two of the characters – Brian and Dylan – and I ended up putting Call Out aside long enough to write The Hand of Fate, which is a romance novella.  It’s sort of an introduction to the Jukebox Heroes series, but it can be read as a stand-alone and those who start with Call Out and skip The Hand of Fate wouldn’t miss any major plot points.

The series is called Jukebox Heroes because there is a strong musical influence in the books. Most of my characters are either musicians or music lovers.

What are you currently working on?   
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I’m currently working on book two of the Jukebox Heroes series, tentatively titled Whatever It Takes.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?  
 I’ve always loved to write, but I never called myself a writer until I started on my first original work, Call Out, in February of this year.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
In the writing process? The most challenging part is balancing time spent writing with time spent doing necessary things like cooking, cleaning, and working a day job. Learning to market my work is also a big challenge.

What message are you wanting to promote?
I think the main message I’m hoping to get across is that musicians are just normal people who happen to have cool jobs. And that even though the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle looks glamorous, like an endless strings of parties and shows, that being a successful musician comes with a prices and requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. 

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Do you do anything special to prepare yourself to write?
When I get ready to write, a grab a snack and a drink so I don’t have to get up, get comfortable, put on my headphones, and crank up some good music. I have certain playlists and songs for different types of scenes.  Sometimes the music is the only thing that gets my head in the right place to write.

Who are your characters based on?
Elizabeth is a lot like me in some ways (though she’s cuter and thinner!), and Dylan is a lot like my best friend.  But overall, my characters are amalgams. That is, each character is made up of various traits of various people, filtered through the lens of my own perceptions and feelings.  Some of them get their physical traits from certain people I know, but I’m not naming names.

What can other writers do to be successful?
Write. Even if you don’t have your whole story plotted out and outlined and whatnot, sit down and tap the keys and see what comes out. Finish the story.  If it stinks, try to fix it through rewrites. If it still stinks, at least you know you can see it through.  You’ve gained a little experience, and you’ll do better next time.

Thank you L.B. for giving me and other writers great insight to your writing habits.  Find out more about L.B. Clark in the links below.

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