Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankfully a month of gratitude!

Do you know someone like this?

My family and I are always (for the most part) looking for ways to show our gratitude for each other. Case-in-point my sister bought the most adorable tea set ornament for me while we were shopping just the other day for no other reason than she knew I'd adore it. I'm now in a gratitude war! I dare you to start a gratitude war with your family and see if you're not all winners in the end. Please post some "retaliation" ideas in the comments below.

You may have noticed the new button on my blog.
Blog Hop Start Point!

Wednesday November 16th I will be taking part in a gratitude blog hop on Zencherry's blog thanking our readers and those that helped promote the Come Back to Me book launch. Join me in thanking my fellow bloggers and authors. Oh and don't forget to look for opportunities to win free eBooks!


  1. Great idea - a Gratitude War. Gratitude is a seed for more blessings!

  2. Agreed MizBanks ;) I have so much fun planning ways to show love and give to people in my life. There is so much joy to experience!