Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend, where did you go?

If you wonder where the weekend has gone, get in line buddy! Working essentially three jobs (Pharmacy Technician, Author promoter, and Author) the minutes flow like water through a leaky convertible top. (I've been reminiscing about my old convertible Geo Metro. The poor thing leaked like a sieve.) 

I've tried planning every minute, wasting every minute, and I always feel like there's never enough weekend to get everything I wanted, done. 
Now the good weather is starting to roll in I want to add gardener to my list. Is there a way to stretch a few more hours into the compact two-day-off system? What makes the measure of a good weekend? I think if I can answer that question conclusively I'll feel less anxious about the Monday coming at me like a freight train.


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    A good weekend has more smiles than frowns.

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