Saturday, November 24, 2012

Meat it's what's for

I've been a vegetarian twenty-two years. My oldest sister, Lisa started the trend in my family, and after some encouragement I soon followed suit. My first year was hard, and I remember sneaking turkey after everyone had gone to bed my first Thanksgiving. Through the years even the smell of meat has made me feel nauseous. When I was twenty-one, I was diagnosed with diabetes and promptly did nothing about it. I ate tons of carbohydrates and have a soft belly as a poor result. As the years have passed I've been getting more health conscious and on a recent visit with my doctor, I was encouraged to move away from vegetarianism and more towards food that won't spike my blood-sugar level. In essence, I should eat meat with a side of meat and toss in some veggies and only a tiny bit of fruit. I pulled out what I thought was my secret weapon TOFU. With a defiant toss of his hand, my doctor schooled me on the pitfalls of a soybean rich diet, especially for a diabetic.   Tofu blocks absorption of vital nutrients and minerals, which then affects the kidneys and so on and so on.

The thought of going back to eating meat makes my stomach churn, but my new motto is, "I'd rather keep my feet than choose wrong food to eat." Choosing to ignore my health has caused an acceleration in deterioration of my sight and overall well being. I have too much to do, give and experience to let myself off the hook and slide into the abyss of apathy and illness.

I'm starting small by adding chicken broth to the vegetable stew I eat every night, and then I'll step up to meat prepared for children (like chicken/turkey cubes). It will be a slow process that will have me rethinking my philosophies and resculpting my identity.

I still feel that animals must be treated humanely, and I hope I can adequately honor their sacrifice, so I can live a healthier and longer life.


  1. Don't do it, Christine! Go vegan. Seriously, I'm leaving you a number of links that explain animal protein's connection with diabetes. You'd be doing yourself a disservice by going back to meat eating. I went vegan years ago entirely for my own selfish health reasons that's how strong the evidence is and continues to prove to be so each and every day.

    Here is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine site and a list of inspirational success stories of people ridding themselves entirely of their diabetes.

    Dr. Neal Barnard is a great resource on the connection between ingesting animal foods and Diabetes; here's part 1 of his talk:

    The evidence is incontrovertible, and if you're interested in more information about the connection between animal protein and disease, check out Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his China Study. Really fascinating stuff that literally will save your life.

    Hope all this helps! I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but don't listen to your doctor. In our current educational system, medical students have no more than 2-4 hours of training in nutrition. They learn how to heal with pills, surgeries, and other reactionary tactics. The nutrition links will explain how to heal your body through food and aid in prevention as well as treatment of chronic disease.

    Now go conquer your health!

  2. Thank you anonymous. I'll take it into consideration. :)