Saturday, November 17, 2012

Did I buy the box for the tin?

How many times have you found yourself buying a product just for the free goodie attached. I am so guilty of that this week. I must confess the purse strings get a little looser around this time of the year even for myself. One of my favorite tea brands has a collectible tea tin the sleepy time tea. I don't usually drink much before bed, so I can sleep through the night and not get up in the middle of a dream for a clandestine reunion with the porcelain god. The tin is absolutely adorable and holds something like three tea bags for an overnight trip to say; a cousin's baby shower. (December 1st for my cousin-in-law in my hometown Moses Lake, Holla!)

I suppose it stems from my childhood always wanting the toy from the cereal box. I did have quite a few siblings to compete with, but I did wrangle a few in my time. What brings you back in time?

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