Sunday, October 21, 2012

Inner child vs outer adult

There’s something about a Sunday that gives me slow dreamy thoughts. I can easily get lost in cute cat videos hours or simply stare out the window watching leaves fall. Of course, my outer adult reminds me to make a meal plan for the week and to follow up with commitments and the like, but my inner child is usually loudest on a Sunday morning.  

My inner child is sometimes lazy, but usually she loves being entertained by a new concept like indoor-hydroponic-gardening, or the ridiculous like, “Teen reactions to….” on Youtube.  Occasionally, she likes to get creative and crochet until our hands go numb or sew until I think I’ll never. sew. again.

I love both my inner child and outer adult even when disagreements bring me to a standstill.

Do you ever find your inner child and outer adult arguing? Who usually wins? 

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