Friday, June 8, 2012

What's your excuse this time?

No Ordinary Excuse by Michelle Adams

What teenager wants to complete any school project? When Gemma puts off a project that will dramatically affect her grade she comes up with a scheme to get more time. The idea, her project has been stolen! Her scheme involves her creative aunt who is touring Australia and taking pictures and sending emails of the stolen project in different areas, giving credit to Gemma’s lie. It appears to be smooth sailing until Gemma’s teacher refuses to accept her late project and Gemma’s school rival unravels the lie. Will Gemma be able to right the mess she’s made or will she live in detention forever?

I really enjoyed this book. I could hear the charming Australian accent through turns of phrase and slang used in the story. I also enjoyed the banter and innocent feel-good of this book.

I would definitely recommend this book to the Young adult crowd, and to that tween in your home who thinks all school assignments are a bore. There’s more to learn in school projects when you add a dash of creativity!

Michelle Adams


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