Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's Steampunk?

Flash Gold by Lindsay Buroker

My friend suggested I try the Steampunk genre, so I downloaded this book an hour and a half ago and could not put it down! The scene begins in the arctic cold of the Yukon where eighteen-year-old Kali struggles to perfect a winning mechanical dog sled. The race she entered has a money-prize that will finally enable her to build a flying ship to somewhere warmer, and she can tinker in peace. Little does she know there’s a price on her head for the elusive flash gold her father invented. Will the stranger with a gun and sword be her deliverer or captor?

I really liked this book, and it’s spurred me to continue reading not only more works by Lindsay Buroker, but also other stories in the Steampunk genre.

If you are considering stepping outside the typical fiction story lines, Flash Gold is a fine way to go about it. You may, like me, find a stunning new world of fiction to sink your teeth into.


  1. It's a genre set in the Victorian era where everything is run by steam power with a dash of the mad scientist and revolutionary thrown in. It's really fun!

  2. I have a steampunk writing project in the works. It's fun so far, and I think will be more enjoyable as it progresses. But it's a new genre to me, so we shall see!