Monday, January 16, 2012

Drugs, sex, guilt, repeat

Night Sounds by Pam Young

Samantha Jensen is a successful college professor and a perfect housewife. She is also beautiful and author of a new book. The dark cloud that hangs over her life is the brutality her husband Jim metes out on a constant basis. Warring within Samantha’s mind is a voice that is demanded to be heard and freed from the turmoil. The other voice is a combination of the outside demands and values based on what she thinks everyone expects her to be. After finally choosing to escape Samantha goes on a spiritual pilgrimage to recapture who it is she wants to be. As an added dimension to the story unbeknownst to Samantha someone is plotting her demise.

I can relate to Samantha’s total reconditioning of her self-perception. The path to self-discovery isn’t always pretty. However, in the end, you take ownership of your life, and a new sense of control is born.

This story was okay. It was difficult to pay attention in a lot of places. There are also characters that are so similar that it was hard for me to remember who was who. The ending builds to a good climax, if a bit sketchy and a happily ever after scene that almost makes up for some of the plodding from the rest of the book.

This is a good story for those who are curious what it’s like to be in an abusive relationship and what it can mean when you try to leave.

Pam Young

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