Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Secret is out!

Eulogy’s Secret by Grace Elliot

I knew when I needed a snack that this was going to be a good book. There are few things more charming and fantasy worthy than the regency era in England. I’m fascinated by the strict rules that “good society” dictates. This is where poor Eulogy Foster first finds herself, on the outside looking in. She arrives an innocent bumpkin one night in the darkened streets of Grosvenor Square desperate to reconnect with her estranged brother. When she knocks on his door, the disarray of her person belies her words, and she’s unceremoniously left to fend for herself. This is where Jack Huntley enters the scene as her unwilling rescuer. Then the true adventure begins.

The only character I truly connected with was Mrs. Featherstone. Although she played a considerably minor role, she felt the most human. Eulogy was the typical perfect woman archetype. She is full of virtue and flawless beauty with enough modesty to be unaware of the fact. Mrs. Featherstone was more of the crone archetype, wisdom, care and mothering.

I liked the story, for the most part. I did begin to be weary of continued references to “liquefied insides” from steamy stares between the main characters. I also thought the ending was rather anticlimactic, but I loved the subtle nuances of English speech and the Irish dialects in the dialogue. I also loved the vivid descriptions of Eulogy’s surroundings.

I would easily recommend this book to Regency-aholics like myself and anyone that enjoys a well-written story. I’m delighted to know this isn’t the only book by Grace Elliot!

Grace Elliot

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