Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I don't have $845 for Christmas!

One question for you as we collectively stare down the barrel of holidays headed this way: How are you going to make your money stretch far enough to make sure everyone has a great holiday?

The answer may surprise you, crochet! Do you know the average household spent an average of $845 on gifts alone?  That’s a disheartening figure if this year requires you to scale back on the Holly-jolly. This is when you get to cash in your wits and save Christmas with a few twirls of yarn and hooks.

One skein of average quality yarn can be purchased for as low as $2.50 on sale. That’s a far cry from the $845 price tag of Christmas past even if you have a large family.
You don’t know how to crochet? You should never let ignorance get in the way of a great idea. One of your greatest allies is the Internet! Simply type in the words “free beginner crochet projects” and you will be flooded with heroes waiting to guide your hands to the perfect project through written word or video. If you prefer in person learning, never fear, check with your local craft store and ask if they have classes available.

Craft gifts usually fall under the category of, “I wish you wouldn’t have.” You can rip the stigma from craft gifts like a piece of hot glue from the back a cheesy photo of yourself. Get to know who your gift recipients are, what’s their favorite color, do they live in a warm or cool climate, do they have pets?

When you’re armed with this information, you can get to work on the scarf with your sister's favorite sports team colors, making a crochet square and filling it with catnip for your nephew’s cat Mr. Marshmallow, or crocheting a sunglasses cozy for your crazy aunt on the West Coast.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that crochet is only for those with no social life. Get into a crochet circle or make one of your own. Crochet, it’s a fast and frugal way to make Christmas bright this year.  
Get started now!

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