Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where did I get that?

Just me and my dad!

Who pushes you to be more, threatens your life, and is secretly the reason you still have an inner child? For me, the answer is, my dad! My father successfully supported a family of SEVEN and has still maintained an upright position. How in the world did he manage it? He did it by working and working hard! One of my favorite memories is when I was about six. My mom would make a plate of food for my father, and we would drive to my dad's work and spend his dinner break together. He seemed so old to me at that time, and truly he was only twenty-seven. Even then he was already financially supporting a family with three children and more on the way.

It's the job of most fathers to threaten your life a few times. My childhood was no different. Usually I was threatened during any early-morning  spat with a sibling. My father would charge out of his bedroom (in his underwear no less) and swear to everything holy that we had better shut up, or he would shut us up! Despite his threats, I made it through my childhood, teenage years, and adult years.

Despite how responsible and fierce my father was, he never missed a chance to play. As a child, he would pick me up and swing me into the air, laughing as I squealed in fear. He never meant to, but he would always startle my mother when he walked into the kitchen. Even though he would get in trouble he would laugh when she jumped three feet in the air. As an adult, my father has grown even more playful. He laughs easily (whether or not he's scaring someone) and rides his motorcycle when the fancy strikes. He finds more and more ways to follow his bliss. I'm lucky to have the best dad ever!

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