Sunday, November 4, 2012

Familiarity breeds contempt

This week I really felt the change in the season. I was all set to sulk and hide in my house only to emerge to go to work and supply my cupboard with food. Tempting and inspiring, right? So I decided to try something different. I took off my pity-party cloak and scoured the internet for local events and came upon a listing of Spanish conversation circles, Holiday Bazaars, Cooking classes, Winterizing your garden lectures, and a host of buzzing and stimulating activities custom made to draw out inner happiness. I started this weekend off by attending two holiday bazaar's and then went to the library to decorate cards for the troops to send home to their families with my nieces. A quick way to remember how good your life is, is to serve someone who has a rougher time of it.

I've decided to make plans each week for something to look forward to. It will help me to keep perspective and help my community too! I often joke with my co-workers when I hear them or myself complain about life, "At least you don't drive an old minivan with one of the windows covered with plastic." (I know for some that would be a step up, but it works for my purposes.) So if you're starting to get the winter blues get out of familiar territory and breathe new life into an old rut.

Live a Life of High Adventure


  1. I try that every day... its great, my smile it just gets bigger n bigger, next thing I know I've got me a snigger... as that old day gets goning the load gets smaller the snigger even turns into a grin, get my feet up laugh hu I near split a gut he he he I like your way cheers fir noo the noo.
    yours Matt