Monday, May 14, 2012

A hero for adults

Hero by Christopher Fritschi

This story is about Tilger and his journey to return to the status of a hero. Life has become mundane for Tilger and his war horse Sho. Surrounded by admirers and his magical armor, Tilger starts to forget what life was like prior to being a hero. One evening after slaying yet another monster Tilger meets a peasant on the road. When this peasant refuses to show Tilger the proper respect, a fight ensues leaving Tilger weak and weaponless and searching for a direction on the road of life.

I really liked this book. The descriptions are colorful and the characters that emerge made the story feel like a Disney movie for adults. I loved the clever exchanges between characters and the shrewd way of getting the hero in and out of trouble. I did find the character perspective changes a little odd at times, and that made the flow of the story a little rough at times.

I would have liked to recommend this book as a great young adult adventure, but there is some violence and a few spiky words that push it into a more adult category. All in all, a great read.

Christopher Fritschi

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