Saturday, May 19, 2012

Don't like the end? Change it!

Love, Peace, and Happiness by Rituraj Verma

Have you ever read a story and hated how it ended? Solution: Let readers create the ending they prefer. I read this fascinating collection of stories centering on the complications in relationships in modern India. Each story has a distinct perspective and potential moral to learn...and an ending, but if you don't like the ending, you can go to the author's website and add the ending you would like. Brilliant!

I really enjoyed the flavor of this book. I'm always curious about stories from authors who are from a different culture than I am. Granted, it's lazy research, but I think I've gained a tiny insight to Indian culture and perspective.

I would recommend this book to short story enthusiasts along with readers who have always wanted to change the end of a story.

Rituraj Verma


  1. I wish I could have done that with Mockingjay--just to flesh out the ending she provided. I needed more healing because I was traumatized right along with Katniss. lol