Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Want to go camping? heh heh heh....

The Rumblin: A Short Story by Jeff Bennington

This brief story takes place where lots of people love and others fear, the woods. Phil, a fireman, has taken his wife and twins for some family together time. After finally starting a cheery campfire a forest ranger arrives and warns them of impending bad weather and “the rumblin.” Phil and his family hunker down for a peaceful night until the screaming wind chases them into the relative safety of a log cabin. There a precarious fate awaits them.

I was easily able to connect with the delight of the wooded setting and the chummy family vacation. It was a great set up for what happened next.

The story was kind of like driving down a familiar road and then running into construction. There are some well-known scenes and a few that just might trip you up.

I would recommend this as a great story to share to scare fellow campers.

Jeff Bennington

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