Sunday, March 11, 2012

Women troubles

Judgment Tramp by J.D. Currie

A man who is shuttled around his life by the women who surround him describes main character Eb Maclean. He has a twisted relationship with his sister Maggie that becomes more convoluted when she is accused of murder. Each woman who shows up in this story brings out more undesirable characteristics in our main character.

I found it hard to get involved with the story. There is plenty of action and intrigue, but the characters failed to have any redeeming qualities, in my opinion. There are bad tempers all around with caustic and toxic interactions.

Overall, I felt the story bit off more than it could chew. I wasn’t really entertained and felt annoyed with the flippant use cursing. It’s a good start and has the potential to be a great story.
J.D. Currie

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