Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three-layer chocolate cupcakes?

Chocolicious by Geraldine Solon

This is the story about how Blair Nightingale found what she truly wanted. In the beginning, all Blair wants to do is escape her small town for the wonderful world of opportunities outside it. Larry is just the handsome man to give her the opportunity she desires. Within a few months Blair is transplanted from her quiet Indiana home to the noise of California. Blair’s dreams seem to have come true until Larry dies of a heart attack, and Blair’s world is thrown into chaos.

I absolutely loved the interaction between Blair and her sister. I have four sisters of my own, and they are my best friends. There were a few moments in this book that made me smile. Everyone loved Nana’s three-layer  chocolate cupcakes. (I may have to experiment with that!) Forgiveness is a part of any relationship. Do what makes you happy in life, and you’ll never work a day.

Fans of chocolate, drama, and romance will fall head over heels for this delightful tale.

Geraldine Solon


  1. You're book is on my list to buy! I've exceeded my book buying limit for February. First on my list for March!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review, Christine. I appreciate your time and support!