Thursday, February 2, 2012

Matilda, Tilly, Tilbert, Butter fluff

My niece's cat, Matilda

The kitten reached out and clawed at my shirt in what seemed a silent plea for attention. Her calico fur matted to her tiny body wafted an unpleasant odor to my nostrils, yet I couldn't tear my gaze from those golden eyes.

Matilda's first stop in her new home was the kitchen sink. She didn't struggle as soap and water were liberally applied. Anyone who has bathed a cat  knows this is very strange. After a few days of lethargy, we took her to the vet and discovered she was sick. After a round of antibiotics, Tilly was an active kitten again.

Matilda is the tamest wild cat, there is. She never likes to be held and runs all over the house growling at unseen opponents. On the rare occasion that she does want attention Tilly will leap on your lap and slide her fluffy tail right under your nose effectively leaving you breathless and fighting off a sneeze. She goes by many names depending on her mood, Matilda, Tilly, Tilbert, Butter Fluff, but my favorite is mine.

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