Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let me do it, please!

The Corridors of the Dead by Jonathan D. Allen

Matty and a few other colorful characters make up the cast of this story. It's the classic fight between good and evil only problem is good and evil aren't clearly defined. The author takes us through a few surreal experiences with Matty's teleporting powers. Our hero is crude and brassy with little else to recommend her as a hero other than her love for her girlfriend Kristy.

It felt like all the characters were speaking with the same caustic voice excepting Kristy on occasion. Granted it was an adventure, but I kept getting distracted by the author telling me how I should feel or what something looked like.

"He gave this heavy sigh, the sigh of a thousand worlds, my mother used to call it."

"Her eyes were ready to hop out of her skull and jump down on the floor, doing a little dance for our entertainment, but she gave us one of those mean little old lady nods."

The blond guy gasped, his eyes going wide. He looked like a kid who discovered that hot water was, indeed, hot.

I could excuse a few of these to illustrate a point, but this book is full of unnecessary similes and metaphors that drag on too long. I have an imagination and feelings. Unless it's crucial that I feel a certain way or that something must look like something else to move the story along, please let me do it.

That said I truly think Mr. Allen has a promising career in comics. He has a gift for detail that would move the storyline of a comic book quite well. This is a potential good read for the Young Adult audience.

Jonathan D. Allen

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