Monday, February 20, 2012

Bring Miracle Back!

Evangeline’s Miracle by Lisa Buie-Collard

This story is a genealogical and relationship journey for struggling writer, Evangeline Lacroix. The catalyst to begin this adventure is through a piano concert where Evie meets the ghost of her distant relative Miracle. They begin to communicate through dreams, and Evie helps change the course of history. Meanwhile, Evie’s husband leaves her because she refuses to bear his children. Evie continues to string together her past in desperate hope to secure her place in the world and reconcile with her husband.

I thought this book was okay. The climax happened way too early in the book, the climax that mattered, in my opinion. I wish Miracle’s ghost communicated throughout the entirety of the book. As soon as her voice was silenced the book lost its hold on me.

If you enjoy genealogy, history, drama and a touch of the paranormal, this is the book for you.

Lisa Buie-Collard

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