Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two reviews from the stars

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Scorpio Rising by Monique Domovitch

Scorpio Rising is about two characters a world apart, both yearning to escape the horrors of their daily lives. Alexander Ivanov manages to escape through some shady dealings and his counterpart Brigitte Dartois has no choice but to flee her current circumstances. Each in their own way climb the ladder of success only to be shot down time and time again. They both refuse to give up and finally begin to enjoy a measure of achievement. This brings them at last within arm’s reach of each other.

I found it difficult to relate to the horrendous childhood traumas that the main characters experienced and found myself liking the supporting characters Réjeanne and Brigitte’s son David. These supporting characters gave you hope amidst the overwhelming sorrows the main characters faced almost constantly.

Over all I enjoyed the fast paced writing and enjoyable supporting characters. My favorite part in the story was when Brigitte finally found her true calling in life and embraced it completely. I found the abrupt personality change of the Alex and Brigitte at the end of the book mildly distressing, but I think it’s to prove the adage “love conquers all.” If it were up to me any romantic chemistry would have been better pursued in the sequel.

The writing is compelling and well structured. Scorpio Rising will appeal to those that love a series with just the right amount of drama to keep the story moving along.

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The Sting of the Scorpio by Monique Domovitch

The Sting of the Scorpio continues with main characters Alexander Ivanov and Brigitte Dartois and their new life together in New York. Alex is more determined than ever to succeed in the architectural field and Brigitte has given up her artistic gift to focus on the duties of a wife and mother. Although Brigitte has a chance meeting with a famous actress that would help launch her career in New York, Alex all but forbids it. Through hard work and sketchy business deals, Alex finally makes a go of his dream. Meanwhile, Brigitte sinks further from the brave and independent French woman she once was.

I felt the author really found her voice in this novel and read it in one sitting. The storyline was gripping even though my distaste for the main characters grew. I loved the tidbits of information about architecture and the stock exchange. It gave the plot a feeling of authenticity. My favorite part was when Brigitte finally grew a backbone. I hated how often she abdicated her own wishes in the mild hopes her effort would be rewarded with love and affection from her husband, Alex. I think Alex would have had less of a wandering eye if she had been true to herself.

I recommend The Sting of the Scorpio as a good beach book read. If you want happy endings with just the right amount of tragedy this book is for you.


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