Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Michael SupportsThe Troops

eBooks for Soldiers

Author: Michael Lorde

Where do you live? Eastern United States

Do you have a family member or close friend who has served in the military?
Yes. My son is overseas right now.

What leads up to this excerpt from your book?
In this section, my main character has just had a disturbing conversation with an odd 'Doctor'.  They have been on a boat and the experience has been unnerving, to say the least.

Blind Veil
Please share with us a paragraph/excerpt or two from your book 
'He’d have to use his foot to retrieve it.  It made a scraping sound as he fished for it with his big toe.  He found it and slid it into the side of the v-birth nearest to the wall.  The cramped corner left no space for his wide foot to attempt to pick it up.  Pressing hard against it, he inched it up carefully with his big toe until he could reach it with his finger tips.  Like a starving child being offered food, he desperately grabbed up the small remote.  His adrenaline was raging.  The thought of Byron’s contraption blowing him to bits sent chills through him.  He struggled to stop his hands from shaking in order to read its buttons.  Pressing ‘release’ was a good first choice and was his ticket to freedom.'

In this next excerpt, my main character is about to be interviewed, but he doesn't know by whom-

'The man stood at the doorway wheezing softly.  He was antsy, waiting while trying to relax at the same time. His oversized forehead sported a unibrow and his dark mustache was almost lost under his large nose.  His ears were disproportionately small, like dried peaches.  One hand hung at his side, hovering over his weapon, and the other drummed with annoyance on his thigh.  He attempted a professional stance, deliberately extending what little chest he had as far out as possible over his belly.  No doubt he practiced this before a mirror.  In his black suit and starched white shirt, he reminded Lamont of a penguin; a large, odd, unlikeable sort of penguin.'

Can you tell us something unique that you experienced while writing this book?
When I wrote the outline and summary and many of the chapters, I shared them with a friend of mine.  There are elements of conspiracy in Blind Veil and when my friend was reading them, her eyes grew large.  She asked where I had done my research.  I told her that I did no research on if, it's fiction and I wrote it from my imagination.  She then proceeded to pull out file after file of conspiracy theories she follows as a hobby.  Who knew?  It was ironic.

Greatest words of encouragement anyone has ever personally spoken to you 
My father once told me "Everything is temporary... the good, the bad, and the indifferent."  I always remember that when I'm faced with a challenge that I didn't expect. I helps me get through it and also to appreciate all the good moments when I'm in them.  

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