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Fran Meadows shares a secret

Fran Meadows
Will you tell us a little about The Truth Behind the Secret "Infertility" A Personal Diary of My Journey to Motherhood?
My book is my personal journey through the ups and downs of Infertility treatments, i.e. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) IVF (In vitro Fertilization).  It was a roller coaster ride of emotions and impacted my husband and I financially and emotionally.  We stood strong together. The support of your partner is important when we decided not to tell family and/or friends.  From our experiences I hope that other couples can relate.  If I can give one couple hope for a baby and support through their journey then I've accomplished exactly what I wanted to with my book. 

When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I never really considered myself a writer until recently. Now seeing my work in print I believe I am a writer.  I never pursued writing until I started writing about my thoughts and emotions.  Writing helped me through my struggle with Infertility.  It was my self- therapy.
Who are your characters based on? 
My characters are based on my life – it’s me and my husband for the most part.  Also, I tell the stories of the great Doctors and nurses that I interacted with daily along with those people that supported me when I allowed them to know what we were going through.  We kept the silent journey.

Was there to challenge to writing The Truth Behind the Secret "Infertility" A Personal Diary of My Journey to Motherhood?
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Yes, my story is very personal and I share all of my emotions and personal experiences that have to do with a woman’s body that most might have a hard time with.  Reading and writing my book made me re-visit some very painful times in my life.  All those memories will always be with me but with time it gets better .  Readers will either appreciate my simple, honest style or hate it. 

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment in writing? 
My first book The Truth Behind The Secret "Infertility" is my greatest accomplishment as I was able to live through my writing by just getting it on paper.  I now continue to learn from it through others through their experiences which are similar but different from mine.

How did you prepare to write your book?
During my writing I just kept a journal pad next to me or near me at all times, I would write whatever came to mind that day or night.  If someone got me mad or if it just was a bad day or I have a reaction to a medication or if I was upset or scared.  I wrote all my emotions down in no particular format just however it came to mind. 

Is there a message in The Truth Behind the Secret "Infertility" A Personal Diary of My Journey to Motherhood that you want readers to grasp? 
Yes, those couples that are currently going through infertility treatments need to try to take my experiences to give them a sense of hope to know they're not alone in their journey.  One in eight couples go through infertility  treatments and it is more common than you know today.  I need those that never experienced any treatments to learn from my story and become more aware, to also wonder what if I had to go through this, how would I feel?  

What are your current projects? 
I am trying to organize events with Infertility in mind, like a weekend spa getaway for couples going through or having gone through Infertility. My plan is to have a weekend getaway to get couples to relax, meet others and get support. I would also like to partner and launch an inspirational jewelry line.

Do you have any advice for writers that choose a sensitive subject?
If you are writing about a personal story write it like you mean it from the heart.  Don't let anyone tell you that your story should be written in a certain manner.  I feel I was "real" through my entire book.

Thank you Fran for being a voice to those that share your struggle.  To find out more about Fran Meadows click the links below.

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