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Welcome to Bonnie Trachtenberg!

Bonnie Trachtenberg

I have the privilege this month to feature some amazing authors and Bonnie is going to be giving us some insight on how she developed the characters in her book Wedlocked. 

If you were to choose among your favorite characters from Wedlocked, who would it be and what makes this character one of your favorites?
I fell in love with a few of my characters while writing Wedlocked: A Novel, but I suppose the one I relate to the most is the one who is closely based on me, as Wedlocked is a fictionalized account of my first brief and calamitous marriage. Rebecca Ross is very much like me (as many people I know have noted!) but what makes her special is that she is more audacious than I ever was. She reacts to things in a way I would only think about doing (and unfortunately usually after the fact). I find readers usually relate to her in a very strong and positive way—even the ones who at times find her impulsive behavior maddening. 

How would you describe this character?
Rebecca is a very attractive, intelligent, good natured and talented young lady. She starts off rebellious, a little spoiled and too much of a perfectionist, but because she’s so real and ready to share her innermost feelings, she’s easy to fall in love with.  Unfortunately the blows life deals her knock her down pretty badly, but it’s because of them that her flawed human nature is revealed, and that’s what people tend to relate to most. It’s also one of the reasons you root for her to triumph in the end.

To what extent did you use any pre-existing character formula, template, in planning, writing, and refining this character?
Well I guess you could say that since I “pre-existed” Rebecca, and she is strongly based on me, that connection was pretty strong. However, the challenging part was creating the parts of her that were different from me. Some of those qualities I borrowed from people I know and others emerged from my mind, heart and guts as the events called for them. It was fun not having to tame my ID as I do in real life. 

How do you introduce the main character in this story?
Wedlocked is told in first person, and when you first meet Rebecca in the prologue, she is recalling the events of her disastrous wedding and lamenting the unfortunate choice she made. 

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...and what makes this an effective character introduction for this story?
Readers find the prologue quite effective not only as an introduction to the protagonist and the intense emotions she’s experiencing, but also because she immediately grabs you with her dilemma and reels you in, setting you up for the crazy ride you are about to embark upon with her.

What major changes does this character go through, or what major challenges does the character encounter and how does the character respond to them?
Rebecca grows and changes as she realizes that no matter how smart, talented and capable you are in life, it doesn’t mean doors will always open for you. And when they get slammed in her face and knock her down to a depressing reality, she eventually musters the gumption to find a new and happy place for herself in the world. In fact, just like in real life, it’s the adversity that forces Rebecca to struggle, learn and eventually grow into a much stronger person.

Can a story gain from minor characters?
Many of the minor characters in Wedlocked add lots of humor and color to the story, and they do it without becoming caricatures. Instead, they maintain their believability, and some become wonderful sounding boards for the protagonist. Many are closely based on real people from my life, and I think that’s why they are so three dimensional.

How can people contact you for an appearance and find your work?
I can be booked for appearances at book clubs that read Wedlocked. Locally in New York, I will appear in person. For out to town appearances, I will be happy to Skype or call in via telephone. 
Please visit my website: to learn much more about me and Wedlocked, which is receiving glowing editorial and reader reviews. 
Also, find me on Facebook: and Follow me on Twitter: @WritebrainedNY  

Thank you Bonnie for stopping by 
and sharing Wedlocked with us. 

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  1. Wonder Interview!! Look forward to reading your book!

  2. Christine, this was a great interview. Thank you for sharing. Bonnie, now I have to read your book since I know the MC was loosely based on you!!! Looking forward to it!

  3. Wonderful interview, Christine and Bonnie! "Wedlocked" sounds like an intriguing and compelling read.

    Best wishes for your continued success!

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    Award-Winning author of Wyndano's Cloak