Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eternal Beginning Teaser

“I can’t take it anymore!” I cried out as my alarm began to buzz. Feeling that I was losing all hope and direction in my life, I wondered: Where am I going? Where is my zest for life? Why can’t I just be satisfied?

Grabbing a jacket, I drove to my favorite hiking trail for fresh perspective. As I started along the path I heard a strange sound coming from behind me. I glanced over my shoulder, but nothing out of the ordinary caught my eye. Continuing on, I breathed deeply, taking in the damp, natural, earthy fragrance of the woods early in the morning.

Nothing felt rushed in the forest. Plants didn’t argue for more sun or rain. Trees didn’t shed leaves or grow them according to the latest fashion. The sound of a sigh broke through my thoughts. My glance caught the sway of a plant as if some creature had just dashed away to avoid detection. Continuing along the trail, I grew uneasy. Rounding the bend in the path, I heard the scattering of pebbles behind me. I spun around, anxious that some animal might be about to strike.

In that instant, the sun pierced through the trees and illuminated a cascade of moss-covered rocks. A shimmering path appeared between the rocks. My eyes traced it to a stone archway, heavy with the same luminous moss. The sun began to dim and the pathway to fade. Was this the answer that I had been looking for? I threw caution to the wind, ran up the trail, and dove under the arch.

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